ISG provides a maintenance and plant inventory management platform to assure the reliability of the basic
industrial plant equipment in refrigeration systems, production air compressors, water pumps and diesel power plants.
Because of the different design that were crafted during the last decade, ISG also coordinates with the brand
manufacturers to calibrate the maintenance methodologies while limiting the activity to only those that are effective and practical.


Refrigeration and Cooling System

  • Cold Storage Operations
  • Food Importation/Processing
  • Refrigerated Transport
  • Food Service
Reefer Container
refrigerated container or reefer is an intermodal container (shipping container) used in intermodal freight transport that is capable of refrigeration for the transportation of temperature-sensitive, perishable cargo such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and other similar items.

temperature range: -20°C to -60°C

Batch Freezer
can be used in any application, ranging from a compact 50kg/h to as large as 40 metric tons/day.

temperature range: -20°C to -70°C
with cascade system: -70°C to -100°C

Cascade System
The CO2 direct expansion freezing system has been successfully developed for commercial usage. With all the excellent characteristics of the CO2 refrigerant, its full capability has been maximizd with this system.

With a compact and reliable compressor, this product is applicable to small cold storage operations requiring smaller cooling capacity.

Unit Cooler
includes cutting-edge refrigerant distribution technology that evenly supplies low refrigerant flows to multiple circuits. It also features pressure loss reduction technology with optimal circuit lengths

Continuous Rapid Freezer
complete with steel conveyor belts designed for mass processing, rapid freezer successfully prevents temperature increases and consistently maintains a target temperature.

temperature range: +10°C to -60°C