ISG provides a maintenance and plant inventory management platform to assure the reliability of the basic
industrial plant equipment in refrigeration systems, production air compressors, water pumps and diesel power plants.
Because of the different design that were crafted during the last decade, ISG also coordinates with the brand
manufacturers to calibrate the maintenance methodologies while limiting the activity to only those that are effective and practical.


Pumps and Systems

  • Chemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Food & Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
Progressive Cavity Pumps
used on all sectors of industries to convey almost all types of media continuously, smoothly, with low pulsation and dosing in propostion to speed.

Rotary Lobe Pumps
Lobe pumps positive displacement, self priming, valve less pumps offer high performance and are selected and configured for the individual requirements of each application. They are designated for intermittent or continuous operation and provide gentle pumping of the pumped media and ideally suited to transfer, process and dosing applications.

Multi Screw Pumps

Two Screw Pump
Fluid Properties:
  • From non to light abrasive
  • Corrosive and non corrosive
  • low to medium viscosities
  • low to well lubricated fluids
Three Screw Pump
Fluid Properties:
  • non abrasive
  • non corrosive
  • low to medium viscosities
  • lubricant
Geared Twin Screw Pump
Fluid Properties:
  • From non to medium abrasive
  • Corrosive and non corrosive
  • low to high viscosities
  • non lubricant and lubricant

Heavy duty peristaltic pumps with large rollers for longer service life. The absence of valves and mechanical seals means that the PERIPRO peristaltic pump is completely leak-free. In addition, the PERIPRO peristaltic pump withstands dry running completely undamaged, even over a longer period of time.