ISG provides a maintenance and plant inventory management platform to assure the reliability of the basic
industrial plant equipment in refrigeration systems, production air compressors, water pumps and diesel power plants.
Because of the different design that were crafted during the last decade, ISG also coordinates with the brand
manufacturers to calibrate the maintenance methodologies while limiting the activity to only those that are effective and practical.


Energy Storage Systems

  • Semiconductor & Power Companies
Lithium Battery
Lithium ion batteries inherent merits include long cycle ability, low toxicity, potential for low cost and high safety standards. Lithium ion batteries provide a high theoretical capacity of 170 mAh and a long cycle life (more than 3000 cycles).

High Temperature Battery (-40°C- +80°C)
provide excellent deep cycling capability in high temperature, help user reduce greatly operating cost, and a solution for increasing power demands in remote telecom sites where high temperature and other tough off-grid hybrid applications.

ICS Series Battery
ICS series provides high cycling and fast charge performance. It is well suited to replace traditional 19" and 23"V-RLA/AGM and VRLA/GEL monoblocs in all those applications where space is limited, unrealiable power or Diesel hybrid operation is present.

REXC Lead Carbon Battery
REXC series, under name of REX Carbon, is lead carbon battery developed from REX series. REXC lead carbon battery extra long cycle life, faster recharge rates and large current discharge performance.