ISG provides a maintenance and plant inventory management platform to assure the reliability of the basic
industrial plant equipment in refrigeration systems, production air compressors, water pumps and diesel power plants.
Because of the different design that were crafted during the last decade, ISG also coordinates with the brand
manufacturers to calibrate the maintenance methodologies while limiting the activity to only those that are effective and practical.


Renewal Power

  • Rural Electrification
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Mining
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Isolated Areas
is a solar plant in a form of sea container. It is pre-wired and pre-cabled that can be deployed even without engineers or specialists. It also includes an insulated and air-conditioned control room to ensure the long service life of batteries and other components.

is an ISO-standard, CSC-approved Maritime container that integrates a photovoltaic power plant ready to be deployed and connected, with integrated control cell and batteries

is a solar container with integrated refrigerated room.

Storage capacity for goods of about 15m3 at a temperature ranging between 3° and 20°C

ideal for conservation of goods/food in remote areas

12S solar trailer transportable with light vehicles whilw 15S can be towed by light vehicles (SUV or 4×4) and utility vehicles.

Both are equipped with self suspension and self breaking.