ISG provides a maintenance and plant inventory management platform to assure the reliability of the basic
industrial plant equipment in refrigeration systems, production air compressors, water pumps and diesel power plants.
Because of the different design that were crafted during the last decade, ISG also coordinates with the brand
manufacturers to calibrate the maintenance methodologies while limiting the activity to only those that are effective and practical.


  • Supply and turn key installation of industrial pumps for marine, power and industrial applications. Design of thermodynamic properties and number of stages will depend on pressure head and flow and type of liquid.
  • Exclusive supplier of Ishikura Pumps
Middle Head Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
Diameter      :40~150 mm
Capacity       :2~100 m3/h
Total Head   :5~45 m
Power           :0.75~22 kW
Speed           :1800 rpm
Middle Head Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump with Flange Mount
Diameter      :40~125 mm
Capacity       :2~130 m3/h
Total Head   :5~35 m
Power           :0.75~7.5 kW
Speed           :1800 rpm
Out Bearing High Head Gear Pump
Diameter      :25~150 mm
Capacity       :2~50 m3/h
Total Head   :0.6~2.5 MPa
Power           :1.5~100 kW
Speed           :1200 rpm
Middle Head Single Stage Double Suction Centrifugal Pump
Diameter      :200~250 mm
Capacity       :200~700 m3/h
Total Head   :10~45 m
Power           :18.5~75 kW
Speed           :1800 rpm
High Head Multi-stage Single Suction Pump
Diameter      :80~300 mm
Capacity       :50~700 m3/h
Total Head   :40~180 m
Power           :7.5~300 kW
Speed           :1800 rpm